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Spitfire on iPad and Android Mobile Devices

Spitfire Management rolled out its app for Android mobile devices way back in September 2010, long before the bandwagon arrived. And now, if you use the iPad or a Google Android smartphone or tablet, you have even more choices in how you use the Spitfire Project Management System! On Android and iPad devices, you can jump right in and log into your Spitfire site using the mobile Chrome browser. Or, on your Android devices, you can use the Spitfire App for Android. The construction project management functionality is at your fingertips wherever you go; the choice is yours.


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The Best of Both Worlds

Some construction project management systems offer a simple implementation and basic, easy-to-use functionality, but do so at the expense of performance, flexibility and customization options. Other systems are more powerful, but take a long time to implement. That is why the Spitfire Project Management System comes in two flavors: Spitfire-RTG (Ready-To-Go) and Spitfire-Enterprise. With Spitfire-RTG, you can get up and running in days with an out-of-the-box solution designed from years of experience with construction project management. And if, in the future, you want to upgrade to Spitfire-Enterprise for a totally customized system, the transition will be smooth, the learning curve will be minimal and all workflows and data you have in place will continue to work. Having this upwardly mobile flexibility is much more cost-effective than implementing a simple system that turns out to have serious limitations. With Spitfire-RTG you can have ease of use and deployment and the room to grow into Spitfire-Enterprise when your business demands more from your project management system.

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What Spitfire Project Management System Offers


Spitfire Project Management System handles the most complex construction project collaboration and communications requirements through sophisticated software, automatically delivering documents using the right delivery method (Web, Email, Fax) based upon what type of document is being delivered and who the recipient is. This means that the correct people receive all the information and documents needed in a timely manner. Proper communication among everybody keeps projects on track and makes collaboration easy.

Our Customization Tool integrated with our Security Manager allows you to control who has access to what information at the individual field level. This provides a level of security and precision unmatched in any other Project Management / Document Management software. You can be assured that all collaboration is 100% secure and proper.


Spitfire Project Management System's advanced data-driven architecture provides a level of flexibility not seen in other construction project management software. It starts with our Document and Dashboard Customization Tool that allows complete control over document input forms and dashboards. We then provide Microsoft Word and Excel document merge for complete control of document output formats. Our Rules Manager allows flexible inclusion of your business process rules at the project and document level. Workflow scripts allow the system to automatically trigger the creation, population and routing of documents at specified points in the project's lifecycle. All this flexibility means that your system will be uniquely yours, with workflows and templates that you have designed, and with only the information that you need right at your fingertips. Customization allows you to use Spitfire in the way that you want to, instead of having to deal with constraints and awkward new processes from some new system.

Project Management

Spitfire is a comprehensive Project Management System. Your construction project tracking and coordination needs are taken care of with powerful software that offers Document Control, Document Management, Workflow Scripts, Routing, Alerts and Notifications, Contract Management, and Change Management. Spitfire provides structured workflow for all of the documents that are pertinent to your business, such as RFIs, Submittals, Punchlists, Meeting Minutes, Drawings, Daily Reports, Lien Waivers, Bids, Request for Quotes, etc. Integrated Document Imaging and File Management also manage all supporting documentation (CAD drawings, JPEG, DOC, PDF, XLS files, Scanned Images, etc.) tightly integrated with all of your project management data. All these management tools mean that your project stays on time and on budget, with nothing falling through the cracks. A well-managed project saves you both time and money.

Project Accounting

Spitfire Project Management System is the only software you need for your construction project accounting. Spitfire manages Owner Contracts (fixed price, guaranteed maximum price, time & materials, cost plus, etc.), AIA Billing, Owner Change Orders, Subcontracts, Subcontract Change Orders, On-line Pay Request Processing, Budgeting, Forecasting, Estimating Import, Time & Expenses, Labor Management, Materials Management, Burden Allocation for Bonding, Insurance, etc. Spitfire’s extensive accounting and cost tracking tools keep you current on all project costs so that there are no surprises. Being able to monitor your revenue and expenses every step of the way improves your bottom line.


Optional Financial Accounting with Microsoft Dynamics SL

Architected from the ground up to be a fully integrated component of Microsoft Dynamics SL accounting, Spitfire Project Management System provides a level of bulletproof, seamless integration not found in construction project management software with "bolted on" accounting using custom or third party integration components. With Spitfire, you get ONE SYSTEM—completely integrated, and with rock solid financial accounting (including GL, AR, AP, Payroll, Business Analytics, Financial Statements, and complex Allocations) from Microsoft.

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Spitfire-RTG is easy to implement;
Spitfire-Enterprise is easy to customize Spitfire Project Management System is available as Spitfire-RTG, an out-of-the-box construction project management, collaboration, document control, and accouting solution that can be quickly implemented

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What our clients say about our construction project management software:

"The business workflow in the Spitfire Project Management System has allowed for central control of project information. Now everyone is able to maintain documents and other related information. Spitfire's construction project management software has kept us all on the same page and increased our level of project management without increasing administrative duties."

Mark E. Fuller,

Cloud Construction Co., Inc.

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Spitfire Project Management System is available in the cloud and also self-hosted at your location.

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